Safety Awards 2010

The Executive Committee of Bunge Limited presented the annual international awards of Industrial Safety, considering the previous year’s performance of the different business units globally.

The distinction with such awards is granted to the Operating Unit that has reached the lowest rate of Lost Time Accidents and the other recognition is granted to the unit that has achieved the highest decrease in the same indicator, as compared with the previous year. We are proud to convey that this year both awards were granted to Bunge Argentina, for the results obtained during year 2010.

This level of excellence is the result of the hard, methodical, and systematic work launched in year 2002, with the purpose of preventing accidents. The activities are conducted through different work approaches, which use the Total losses control system as reference.

At Bunge Argentina, in line with the values that distinguish us, we are working on the anticipation of events. Not only through intensified prevention efforts, but also through the regional commitment, sharing experiences and methodologies that are indicative to promote a precautionary approach on safety, creating reliable and safe habits and practices within and outside the workplace, thereby contributing to the development of a safer society.

Prevention strategies in Bunge Argentina are aimed both to reinforce safe behavior and the continued improvement of facilities. That is why this award does not occur in isolation. As an operating unit, we have the merit of being the one with the greatest number of international awards received from Bunge Limited, and this is the fourth time we receive this award thanks to the lowest rate of accidents, and the second time for having achieved the greatest decrease.

Bunge’s objectives regarding safety are increasingly demanding – either at a local or global level. In order to achieve this high level of performance, led by the corporate management of Hygiene, Safety and Environment, we developed teamwork with staff from different areas and hierarchical levels. As a result of this development, Bunge Argentina has a strong Management System which is used as reference by other business units in the world.

We congratulate all the staff for their important contribution to make these results possible and invite them to continue working on the prevention of accidents, with the ultimate objective of achieving Operational Excellence.

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